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Trustees & Governors

New Haw Community School Trust

New Haw is an Academy school, and as such is a charitable company limited by guarantee.

The Governing Body work with the Headteacher and staff to decide the school's strategy for improvement so that pupils at New Haw learn most effectively and achieve the highest standards. They focus on where they can add most value, drawing on their knowledge and experience and act as a critical friend to the school, providing support, information and advice .

The Trustees have appointed a Local Governing Body to whom they have delegated the strategic leadership of the School and responsibility for meeting financial, legal and statutory requirements of the Academy. Governors ensure school improvement is central to their work and monitor progress in line with school improvement priorities.


As per our Articles of Association, the Members of the Academy Trust comprise:

  • The signatories to the Memorandum
  • The Chairman of the Trustees
  • The Vice-Chairman of the Trustees
  • The Principal of New Haw Community School
  • Any person appointed by existing members under Article 16


As per our Articles of Association, the number of Trustees shall not be less than three, but  is not subject to a maximum.  Subject to Articles 48-49, the Trustees will comprise:

  • The Chair of the Local Governing Body of New Haw Community School
  • Up to 2 Parent Trustees appointed under Articles 53-56 (if any)* (appointed by the Trustees)
  • The Principal of New Haw Community School
  • Up to 1 Majority Trustee (appointed by the LGB of New Haw Community School)
  • Up to 1 Community Trustee (appointed by the Trustees)
  • Up to 1 SLT Trustee (appointed by the Trustees)

*There will be a minimum of 2 Parent Trustees unless there are at least 2 Parent members of the Local Governing Body (LGB)

The total number of Trustees including the Principal must not exceed 1/3 of the total number of Trustees.

The Trustees may appoint Co-opted Trustees. Co-opted Trustees are appointed by being co-opted by Trustees who have not themselves been so appointed.


Committee Structure

There are sub committees to the LGB  ‘Finance & Resources’ and ‘Children and Learning’. The F&R Committee oversees Academy staffing and finance. The C&L committee monitors the curriculum, achievement and pupil progress.


The Trustees meet at least 4 times a year along with the LGB, and the committees meet as required but at least once a term.


Members of the Governing Body can be contacted through the Clerk to Governors Mrs Emma MacKenzie by emailing:

Copies of agendas, signed copies of minutes and policies are available from the Clerk on request.

There is an induction and mentoring programme for all new Governors.



Name of Governor

Term of Office

Committee & Panel Membership

Meeting Attendance Record
(Dec 18 - Nov 19)


Mr Christopher Drury 25/09/2019 - 24/09/2023

Finance & Resources (Chair)

Pay Committee

Headteacher’s Appraisal Panel

4/4 LGB

2/2 Trust

3/3 committee

Acting chair of LGB & Trust

Parent Trustee

Mr Greg Baier

25/09/2019 (reviewed annually)


Finance and Resources




2/4 LGB

2/4 Trust meetings

2/3 committee


Parent Governor

Mrs Elizabeth Carter-McQueen*



Finance & Resources

Children & Learning

2/4 LGB

2/4 Trust

4/6 committee

SMT Trustee

Mrs Marie Cahill




Finance & Resources

Children & Learning

4/4 LGB

4/4 Trust

6/6 committee



Mrs Jan Keating


(Reviewed annually)

Finance & Resources

Children & Learning

3/4 LGB

5/6 Committee

Staff Governor

Mrs Joan Read

(SEN & Safeguarding Governor)


(Reviewed annually)

Children & Learning (Chair)

Headteacher Appraisal Panel

3/4 LGB

3/3 Committee


Mrs Teresa Shearer



Children & Learning

4/4 LGB

3/3 committee

Community Trustee
Mrs Clare Andrews

25/9/19 - 24/09/2023


Finance & Resources

4/4 LGB

1/3 committee


Parent Trustee
Mr Greg Oates 01/05/2018-29/4/2020

Finance & Resources

Children & Learning

Pay Committee

Headteacher’s Appraisal Panel

4/4 LGB

4/4 Trust

5/6 Committee


Co-Opted Trustee

* maternity leave Oct 19 - Aug 20

All correspondence to Governors and Trustees should be addressed to the Clerk to Governors c/o the school office.